21 July 2014

Amelia Susanna our Beloved

Her Name Means Beloved

The final 6 weeks (if we make it that far) are upon us.  

I am super ready.  

This past weekend my entire family threw me a surprise baby sprinkle.  The theme was "Sprinkled with Love."

Let's just say, Amelia now has 3 big bins full of clothes and shoes packed and ready to go into the new house in her own nursery.

John helped out with the surprise by telling me he planned a date night...which I totally believed!

And Friday evening was rolling around and I started getting so tired...

I took the kids to the beach and all I wanted to do was sleep the rest of the day.

I called John to cancel and he must've been going nuts because it was his job to get me to the location.

He told me he could only cancel one part of the date, but that there was another part that he couldn't cancel.

He said the church wanted to have a prayer meeting over me and the baby.

I looked at him and said, "Really? Why? What's wrong with my baby?"  Can you hear the tiredness in my voice.

"Well, they just miss you, and want to pray over us as a family." he said.

And.  I.  Believed. Him.

Then we walk in and go to the "prayer room" and all the women in my family yelled, "SURPRISE!"  I was never so shocked in all my life.  And normally I love surprises.  But John had me so wrapped up in this date night/prayer meeting...I was so confused!

Anyway, John took the boys home and left me and Julia at the shower to be spoiled by our friends and family.

It was really wonderful.  I got to see Grandma Sue (John's Grandma) and my Grandma Corinne.  Plus all the aunts on both sides, cousins, and close friends.

We named Amelia after Grandma Susanna.  She is such a strong woman, she had 5 kids that she basically raised by herself, and she is turning 90 this August.  It seemed very fitting that we would name our Amelia after her who will most likely be born in August also.

Dear Amelia,

Hi baby girl!  We are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  We have your diaper bag packed.  Your brothers Mark, and Micah, and your sister Julia have special shirts all ready for when they meet you!  We packed all your clothes, diapers, wipes and things for the nursery neatly.  And we are so excited to add you to our team.  You are our beloved.  Daddy calls me his beloved and we are honored to call you our beloved last little baby.  Keep growing strong and come when you are ready.  We are all waiting to meet you!

Love, Mommy

P. S. This is our doula Roe and my husband John...they make a great labor team for me!  You will see them when you are born!


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