23 July 2014

15 Things To Do When You Can't Sleep

I. Can't. Sleep.

First of all, after reading this article i would change number 3 to Pray! Pray! Pray! And I would change number 7 to Read God's Word...The Bible.

I feel like whenever you read articles that give you 15 steps to the perfect sleep they forget you may have a million kids (like I do) or that you are incredibly pregnant (like I am).

The article suggests taking a bath before going to bed...tempting but I'm pretty sure if I get in the bath tub...I'm not ever coming out.

Also, when I can't sleep I automatically open up my Mac Pro and go on blogger to write a new post.  Apparently using technical gadgets with bright screens is no good.  But it keeps me busy.

Don't have any stress...ummmmm, let's see we are selling our house next month, moving next month and having a baby next month...stress? anyone? anyone? anyone?

Don't have any big talks before bed...really?  John and I have a major, deep talk EVERY night before bed regarding our family, the house, the baby, etc.  This is the only time we have during the day TO talk!

Don't eat before bed...but I'm starving!  You try growing a person and not eating before bed, seriously?!  Cheese and crackers, apple slices and peanut butter, almonds and bananas, that's what I'm always craving before bed.

Don't drink liquids before bed...well, I wouldn't if I wasn't so darn thirsty every five seconds...and you know what?  Water with a ton of ice before bed is delicious!!!!!

Ok, ok, I'm shutting off my computer.  

I'm taking the last sip.

I'm closing my eyes.

Good night.


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