04 July 2014

She Loves Me

My daughter...my sweetheart

Yesterday I was having a rather emotional day.  I think the stress of being pregnant, moving next month, and the heat just got to me.  

I really try not to let my kids see me upset.  I don't know if that is a fault or a good thing, but yesterday I couldn't stop the tears as I drove the kids to do errands.

I had to drop off something to my Mom's house and after I did both big kids said, "But we want to go inside to hug grandma."  So I opened the car door and watched them call her name and give her hugs.  She was talking to the kids for a few minutes and then everyone piled back in the car and we were off.

Halfway home Julia says, "Mom, I told Grandma you were crying.  I had to tell her because she is your mom and she should know.  She just said, sometimes pregnant moms need to cry and that it was okay."

I was really surprised that Julia told my mom.  I kind of felt like she told on me, but when I told John the story later he thought it was awesome.  He said that it was very grown up and responsible of her to tell another adult.  I knew he was right.

I also saw that she looks out for me.  She may only be 6 but she is wise beyond her years.  I am writing down this story because it really brought me a lot of pride and joy as I continued to think just how she is turning into a lovely young lady.  I want her to be able to read this and smile.  She is really my sweetheart.  I am so glad God gave me her.

Happy July 4th everyone!  Enjoy time with your loved ones!


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