10 July 2014

Woman At The End

You Know You Are A Woman At The End of Her Pregnancy When...

1. A billboard advertisement determines what your next meal will be.

2. Everything makes you cry...e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

3. You are willing to ask for help, when normally you wouldn't dare

4. Taking a 5 minute nap becomes your greatest dream in life

5. You hate driving anywhere because your belly gets in the way of the steering wheel, and even if it doesn't your baby won't want you confined to sitting for too long

6. You are so thirsty all the time that you literally drink gallons of water, no more like buckets of water...b-u-c-k-e-t-s!

7. Your walk becomes a sever waddle.

8. You have to hold your baby in when you walk for fear she will simply fall out!

9. Sleeping at night just doesn't happen because of all the "nature calls"!

10. Did I mention the crying? :)

The last trimester of pregnancy goes extremely fast...in a few weeks she will be here...I just hope we will have a home to bring her to!  This post was meant to be funny.  I hope my readers know how much I love being pregnant and I don't mind the waddle, water, or tears.  I know God is creating a miracle.  I'm just happy to be a part of it.


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