02 October 2010

Proverbs 31:10 - "Guest Writer"

“An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels.”

For all of you who read this blog – it is true – my wife is an angel sent from God.  Yes, it is I , the husband.  Today Kristi left at 7:30am to Harvey Cedars to the woman’s retreat.  I have been entrusted with a 30-hour time period – in which I have been fully immersed into a “day in the life” of my queen.  

I did not want to half-way it either.  I tried my best to do exactly what she does for me every day.  It has been a very, very tiring day.  However, it was filled with abundant blessing.  Here is what my wife does and what I have partaken in:

The day started with Julia making her funky noise with her nose at 5:45am, which means she wanted her milk.  I gave it to her and immediately got into the shower-dressed and brought kids downstairs as they were both up as I stepped out.  Kristi had them ready at the bathroom door for me ;-).  I then made everyone breakfast – packed Kristi a breakfast, snack, coffee and note of encouragement in my work carry-cooler I take every day.  (Yes, everyday she packs me lunch – snacks and numerous notes of encouragement – so I had to do the same – telling her I was praying for her weekend, that if God would encourage her half as much as she does to me, she will be returning completely refreshed.)

I blinked, mom was gone – it was just me and the kids.  Dress kids, check, pack snacks, check, Mark nap, check, pour daily milk/juice cups, check, brush Julia’s hair….brush Julia’s hair….hair…what the heck….HOW THE….ok, Google, “little girl brush hair.”  

We then hit the streets – I did as many errands as humanly possible.  A&P - post office, Bagel store.  Julia took her nap, and I prepped for the rest of the day by cleaning the house with what I messed up (as Kristi left it immaculate). 

Today we had to be out from 1-4 pm for our open house so we then we went to the park, where Mark ate dirt and Julia had a great time on the playground.  We also ran all over the soccer field, and they just ran and laughed.  One of those moments where you are out in the fresh air, a beautiful day, seeing your kids running and laughing under God’s beautiful heavens and you say, “Thank you my Lord, for your goodness to me.” 

Next stop – Pizza!  Eating out with two kids, not an easy thing, especially when one has to “pee on the potty” every 5 minutes.  Then Farmer’s Market for some more groceries.  Then we went to Walmart – where I bought Mark a buzzer because I’m so cheap I don’t want to pay for a $10 haircut for a little boy when I can give him a wicked fade myself.  ($10 a haircut – about 5 per year - $50 + tips..buzzer - $30..paid off by month 7 – reinvest the rest for college - BINGO!)

Then we went to Ciconnes for some cold cuts for the week. When we finally got home – it hit me.   “Ow! My back!!”  And whenever I would bend over to change Marky on the floor, Julia would jump on my back and say “IIIIIII missssssss you Daddy!”   What can you say?

Then it was off to the back yard – cut Marky’s hair – ate dinner – watched Mary Poppins (Oh Jesus come back soon!)  Then it was bed time.  PJ’s – brush teeth – last potty call – prayer – lights, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Over yet – yea right!  Not my wife!  Then I cooked!!!!

Beef stew in crock pot – CHECK!  Marinara sauce for week – CHECK!  Homemade Hazelnut coffee muffins and Orange Walnut Rosemary muffins for Sunday school class – CHECK!. 

Clean house – prep Sunday School lesson – write blog. . . .oh pillow, where have you been all my life.

Hardest things:

Brushing little girl hair
Keeping little girl out of street
When we prayed at meals Julia thanked God I was not at work today

Learning Opportunities:

Multiple patience practicing opportunities – Julia gave me one every 3 minutes.  For example, we were in the backyard after Mark’s haircut and the baby pool was full of rain water where she dumped a bucket on her body repetitively.   After several talks for several reasons throughout the day, I realized it!  She’s two.  At two, who cares.  They think – look – water – cool – it would be even cooler to dump it on myself (shoes on doesn’t register either).  So I said to myself – she’s having fun.  Pick your battles John!  You see Julia could technically get a spanking every 30 seconds for things like this.  But after today – I realized – character John! Character is what matters!  My daughter has an immensely strong will.  She does not  like to apologize either.  Is blatant disobedience  spank worthy? Yes.  But the “this is cool in the mind of a two year old stuff” – totally have to let that go.  Even join in!  Who cares if you’re wet – have fun with your kids!  Build the relationship now so you build a house of bricks to last the teen years! 

[My preaching professor in seminary let his kids dress themselves and they looked a mess every Sunday.  Some snobby lady came up to him and said, “I can’t believe your son looks like that, and you let him.”  So my professor said, “well, I’ve seen your children..and I’d much rather my son look like that on the outside and have the heart he does, then look like your son with the heart he has.”  WAM! – I’m in that camp.]  

Most enjoyable:

Seeing my children for an entire day, just them and me.  Amazing blessing.
Realizing how much my wife loves me, everyday, by doing what she does, once.
Was it hard, oh yea!  Was it fun and enjoyable – oh yea, would I say that after 3 straight days of this,,,no comment.

“An excellent wife is the crown of her husband”
-Proverbs 12:4-

I love you my sweet!


  1. Mike and I laughed and cried our way through your post. May God continue to bless your family! Love from the Bouloses

  2. You are a great husband John. Maury stayed with the kids for 9 days while I was in Romania. I came home to an immaculate house and felt so blessed. We women really appreciate that.


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