26 October 2010

Mark at 17 months

Once upon a time there was a boy named Mark. 
Who was learning how to eat ice cream like his dad.
And to hold on tight to mommy's hand, especially at a fun new place.
He knows just what he wants and isn't quiet about it.
And he has a big sister who teaches him how to do fun things like run and chase, and how to collect acorns.
And she loves him, and she's his very best friend.
He's learning a whole bunch of new things about the world, and he always has a smile on.
And this boy Mark, is loved very much, by his Daddy, his big sister Julia, and his Mama!
Pray for Marky this week, all four molars have decided to pop in! He's been doing great so far, sleeping same times and all, but I can't imagine how that must feel.  And I also can't imagine that he's 17 months already, where, oh where, has the time gone?

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  1. Oh, our big boy! You are such a special little man! Love you!!!!


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