19 October 2010

Girl Day!

Julia and I got to spend some "girl time" on Saturday at Timothy Christian's Doll Fashion Show fundraiser.  We were able to let our hair down, and do what girls love to do, hang out with other girls, play with our dolls, and eat chocolate.

Julia made some new friends, her doll got a hair makeover, we ate lunch, and visited a Sweet Shop where Julia got chocolate covered oreo cookies and a chocolate covered marshmallow!  She was dancing, and mingling, and having a great time, while I got to reconnect and touch base with lots of my teacher friends.  It was a fun 2 hours, and all the proceeds go to TCS.

It was really nice to be able to have Julia in my lap and just to listen to her talk and do what she wanted to do, and not have to juggle the wants of two kids, but just be focused on the one.  I could tell she was loving all the one on one attention, too.  It was a great day!

I was thankful for the one on one time with my girl, but on the car ride to see Mark and Daddy, we couldn't help but talk about how much we missed our Boys!

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  1. How wonderful!! So glad you had some one-on-one girl time!


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