25 October 2010

Mommy Movie Review: Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins

Today's review will be on Mary Poppins, click on name to see a trailer of some of the songs.
Suzette is doing Dumbo today.  Please visit her review and rating!

Now, if you know me you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE musicals, so Mary Poppins is a favorite over here.  Julia, Marky, Mommy, and Daddy sing along, and dance while we watch this movie, okay, let's be honest, mommy loves to sing and dance to each song!  And poor John says "Just a Spoonful of Sugar" is definitely stuck in his head at work!

Here are Kristi's Positives:

*We like time period movies and this takes place in England in 1910, so we are exposing our children to a "bit of culture" and I love it!
*We love singing and dance with Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins) and Dick Van Dyke (Bert)
*The use of animation is quite good mixed with real life characters
*I love how children and using their imagination is very important in this movie
*Julia loves the part when Mary Poppins comes flying in under her umbrella
*Children are utterly loved and valued by Mary Poppins
*Moral of the story is that quality time spent with one's children is more important than "free time" or money "Toppins"
*I love how Mary Poppins teaches the children responsibility in tidying up the nursery "Spoonful of Sugar song"..."there is a job that must be done, you find the element of fun and snap the job's a game..."  Mary Poppins teaches the children that their perspective and attitude and obedience is what is important
*She also teaches the children that we need to help others "feed the birds" song
* All the songs are catchy and Mary Poppins teaches the children valuable lessons and responsibility
* very humorous
* I love the loving/positive relationship between brother and sister

Some Negatives:
*Why is a cook, maid, and nanny necessary??? Maybe this is to show how the children really need quality time with mom and dad, and that is what Mary Poppins ends up teaching the parents...maybe this is just a cultural or status thing?
* Faults of father seem to be more pronounced (I don't know if I'm being overly sensitive, but it's my opinion) In mother's first solo she sings about how she's fighting for women's rights, and I didn't like the line in the song that says, "Although we adore men individually, we agree that as a group, they're rather stupid."  I think that is dishonoring

My Rating somewhere between an 8-9

***I have not watched Dumbo yet, but if Suzette has watched it and approved it for Addie, it is sure to be a winner, she's already warned me to bring a box of tissues.  It sounds like a very sweet movie for families to enjoy.  I was bummed that I couldn't get my hands on it in time.

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