06 May 2011

Dorbrook Park: Our first trip there this Spring

On Wednesday, April 21st (after nap time) we met up with Holly at Dorbrook Park in Colts Neck. This is one of the most beautiful parks and play areas for the kids, not to mention super fun when the weather gets warmer because of the Spray Ground.

The park has a huge playground, and I mean huge!  There are swings, slides, sea saws, a huge sand box area, places to climb, tunnels, monkey bars (which Julia tried some gymnastic moves on) a boat where you can shake the people in it.  A bumpy slide, smooth slides, rolling slides, an area for new walkers, an area for toddlers, an area for big kids, it is wonderful...BUT because it's so big and many children show up you must dress your kids brightly and distinctly so they are super easy to spot.  And since I have two to keep track of bright oranges, yellow's and blues are a must!  Thank goodness for Holly who helped me in this department too!

It's official, Mark is almost completely grown up.  I mean we might as well start looking at colleges together, because he is just so brave and independent now, not to mention super fond of Holly.

He says, "Come on!" and waves his little hand in the direction he wants to take you and he now loves to explore new territories and new things...which is great, but kind of scary because he has such a mind of his own, and he will just go explore without remembering where mommy is.

We were sure to bring our buckets and shovels and sand tools (and we had our names on it! At Dorbrook, there are so many kids, if your name isn't on it, it is fair game for all)

The kids would've played here for hours.  I think we actually were in this spot for an hour.  They had such a great time.  And Holly and I got to catch up and chat, which was super nice!

Holly you are such a good friend and fun person to be around!  Thank you for always wanting to keep in touch with us and be willing to join us for play dates.  My kids adore you (even if they play hard to get at first).  You can count on the fact that we talk about you the whole car ride there and the whole car ride back.  After this trip Julia said, "Mom, I had fun at the park with Holly!" And mark said, "Holly...fun!!!!!!"


Their all time favorite part was when you chased them around the trees!  Every kid loves those four words, "I'm gonna get you!"

I just loved this picture of Mark and the tree.  I don't think he realized how tall trees were until that very day!

My Julia in action.  She really is a jumping bean!  I love how she has fun wherever she goes, and she just isn't shy about making friends.  We made friends with a cute little red haired girl named Julia who was also super outgoing!

 Holly we love you!

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