18 May 2011

Thankful Thursday-You

Dear Suzette,

Last Friday, spending two hours on the phone with you was like eating the best piece of chocolate cake with a cherry on top!  (with a cup of coffee) Not only did I get a chance to hear all about you and your family and your pregnancy, but I got to share right along with you and ask questions and get advice, it was great.  I so appreciate you and your willingness to just want to be a godly wife, and mom.  I think the world of you!  But I have to say....

I've been seeing another side of you, and it's been so neat!  Not only are you striving to be a great wife and mom, but you are incredibly funny!  You know how to let your hair down, and plop on the floor with Addie and just play!  That's how comfortable it feels on the phone with you.  I can just bare my heart and be myself, and not have to put on heirs (hope I spelled that right) because I know you'll love me no matter what.  You are such a good friend and soooo easy to talk to, hence the 2 and a half hours!

I'm really proud of you and Brian too!  You both are doing such an amazing job with raising Addie girl, and I know baby number 2 (aka squishy) is going to be so blessed to be a part of your family.
I think my favorite part of our conversation was sharing how as moms we know our children best (we could so right a book about this!).  Nobody loves Addie & Squishy more than you do and nobody loves Julia and Mark like I do.  We are so blessed to have godly spouses who have allowed us to stay home so that we can give all of our time and attention to the details of raising our children and caring for our home...as hard as it may be nobody, but us, could do it any better, because God made our families so unique!  I love you my Florida twin!!!!

P.S. We definitely need to talk more often!


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  1. Totally in tears when I read this!! Thank you so much for the sweetness and kind words! When the Bible talks about iron sharpening iron, you are that for me. I love having a friend I can be me with and not have to worry about what you might think. I love you, my Jersey twin!


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