18 May 2011

Julia's Prayer

My, my, my!  This was Julia 2 years ago!  And I feel like this is still my same baby girl.  Tonight (It's Monday evening as I type) I heard the sweetest prayer come out of Julia and I wanted to somehow remember it and jot it down...

Each night after story time I ask, who wants to pray, and Julia always says, "I do!!!" And Marky is so tired by that point he just obediently stands there and sucks his thumb, while holding my hand.

Dear God,
Thank you for this GOOD day.  Pray for the park.  Pray for daddy working. Pray Marky has a good night's sleep (I promise she said this...but this is what I usually pray out loud so it's totally mommy vocabulary). Pray for my room.  Pray for my PRETTY room.  Pray for my toys.  Pray for my dolls.  Pray for mommy and daddy. In Jesus name, Amen!  (Proudly she opened her eyes and looked at us and smiled really big.)

Do you want to just eat her up or what?  At the end of the prayer, Mark and I both looked up at the same time at each other with big smiles and said AMEN!  I think he was as surprised as I was.  She said some other things in the middle but my mind couldn't remember it all.  Oh Julia, so much of who you are becoming is from the Lord, and I am so thankful.

Could you do mommy a huge favor though?  Could you stop growing up so fast and getting so beautiful and tall?  I can't take it!  Slow down!  Mommy wants you to stay 3 1/2 forever and ever, I love how you still ask to sit in my lap when we watch a movie together or are in story time at the library.  And I love how sweet you are to your brother.  You can be so kind and gentle and considerate!

Mommy loves you Princess Pie!  So much!


  1. What a sweetie! Love her prayer! ~ Christy

  2. Oh, how sweet/ beautiful/ angelic/ wonderful!!!! What a precious moment that must have been for you!


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