20 May 2011

Making Life Exciting for Your Little Ones

Weekends are a treasure around here.  My three favorite people are in an arms reach and everything seems easier when the love of life is home to help and make me laugh.

This weekend we had a very busy Saturday, but Sunday was truly just about worshiping the Lord, and resting.  When we all were back at home and everyone rested (while mom got grocery shopping done) John and I made plans to take the kids to the park for the rest of the afternoon.

I got to enjoy each moment.  I never sit on the bench at the park because usually I'm helping someone climb or catching someone as the slide down the slide, but with Daddy being home we were able to have special relaxing mommy and daddy moments.

So I stole a few smooches from my little guy...

 Daddy had the camera and got some good shots of Julia...no her outfit doesn't match, but she sure was happy with how she looked, and really, that's all that matters, especially when we are just playing and having fun.

We are finding that our creative daughter loves to dress up, wear headbands, and skirts and she feels safe knowing she pieced together her own little look...so we let her (not on Sundays at church, mommy chooses the dress still, but Julia has choices.)

We are learning that we can make life exciting for our little ones as we give them freedom to make choices and we give them new experiences.  The kids were able to run to their hearts content on this open soccer field, and Julia was sweating and running and loving it, Mark could not even keep up with our fast girl!

Challenges and choices (within safety and reason, of course) really help your little one to grow and explore the world around them.  And they get so proud of themselves when they can do something all by themselves, Mark loves to say, "Mom!!! Watch!!!"  And sometimes now he is known to pull his hand out of my hand and say, "Mom, all by myself!"  I'm learning to let go, and let him try new things, even when it's hard.

If you are bored with your routine or feeling pent up in the house, chances are your little person is too, so it's good to switch things up and get out and get moving.

I was super thankful this weekend to spend time with my family and create a fun Sunday afternoon memory...but like most Sunday nights of a teacher it was time to plan for the week...what would we do in the week ahead?  What would the weather be like?  It was forecasted to be rainy all week, and it was, but that wasn't a problem, because an organized, planning mom never let's the weather get her down!  I planned some great Circle Time activities and some special outings indoors (to different libraries and to the school I used to teach at since it was Space Shuttle week)...tune in on Saturday to find out more ways you can make life exciting for your little ones!


  1. Great post. Love the pictures. I can't believe how old Julia looks! Looking forward to even more ideas with the next post. ~ Christy


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