25 November 2011

Flat Stanley Project-Teaching the Kids about Maps

In December and mostly in January/February we are going to be going over the US map and continue to explore the world by searching the globe.

I decided to buy some US and NJ maps this week and started a new bulletin board in our schoolroom and the US maps are in the kitchen.

Julia can tell you exactly where NJ and Florida and California are since we have dear friends and family there.
I wanted to enhance this lesson of studying maps and the world by sending letters to our families and friends and asking them to send back family photos that we can add to our map at the exact location that the person
lives in the world.

Our new bulletin board for the school room.

My third graders LOVED when we used the Flat Stanley books.  Flat Stanley in a character who travels the world because he is flat and can fit in an envelope.  John and I even took Flat Stanley with us to China and Europe, and Washington, D.C. (I always made him pose with Flat Stanley because my students got a kick out of that!

Julia and I finished this book in one sitting.

Flat Stanley visits your friends and family they take a picture with him, decorate him, and send him back telling you all about that part of the US or world.  Sooooo....if you get a letter soon with Flat Stanley inside from Julia and Mark....please decorate him (color him in because he comes on white paper) take a picture of you holding him and send a quick letter back explaining the state or part of the world that you live in!

It is soooooooooo exciting to get the letters back and then we can post all the Flat Stanleys and pictures of you on our map!

There are also 5-6 Flat Stanley books you can read to your kids and they are fun and easy to read.  I'm going to read the first one to the kids to get us started!  Julia and Mark know all about Maps because of Dora the Explorer and now that we have maps around the house it helps to reinforce geography.

Here are some more Flat Stanley links:

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And this is why I LOVE school!


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