22 November 2011

Best Friends Forever

All the pictures featured on today's post are from Adrienne Ann Photography.

We recently did a photo shoot at Holmdel Park which is a huge farm with workers dressed from Colonial times, there's a pond filled with geese and ducks, and tons of bike trails, and several playgrounds.  It's one of our favorite family time spots.  Julia and Mark milked their first cow here and we got to see new piglets just after they were born.

In our family we call each other our best friends.  Of course we are parents first, and the authority figures in our children's lives, but we are friends too because we not only LOVE each other but we LIKE each other!

Julia and Daddy are a lot alike.  They both are very smart, very neat, and like things to be just so!  And they are both born leaders.  Julia, I pray, will never be a follower.  She always has a plan and always knows exactly how to make the plan work!  Both can be impulsive but both are very adventurous!

John and I have been best friends since we were 16 years old.    We met Junior year of high school, during a time when I didn't think anyone would want to be my friend, since I just had foot surgery and walked with a crutch.

John and I have always loved to talk and share each other's company.  I never get tired of talking to him or being with him. I can't imagine my life without him.  He is my better half.  We are both pretty intense at times (Type A) but somehow John balances me out and allows me to loosen up and laugh.

He always makes me feel good about myself and we truly keep each other accountable when it comes to our relationship with the Lord.  It's great to have someone you can share your faith with, pray with and talk deeply with.

We are constantly encouraging each other and trying to show the other one they are great, even when the other one doesn't believe it.  Sometimes when we are driving in the car we look back at the kids and say, wow, how did we get so blessed?  Two great kids, a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and each other.

Mark and Julia have been best friends since my tummy started growing.  Julia has taken Marky under her wing like any big sister would.  With only 17 months apart you would think they are twins, but Julia loves showing Mark how to do things.  She explains things very well to him, and he really listens to her.  He adores her.  He loves going in her room and playing with her, and vice versa.

And chasing each other is their favorite thing to do...even  in the house...it drives me crazy sometimes because I'm just sure someone is going to fall down the stairs or bump their heads.  But you should hear the laughter!
At night they kiss each other good night and they have all these inside jokes that they giggle about.  I love watching them and seeing how closer they are.

Oh Daddy.  Mark is your mini me.  He looks just like you and asks for you all the time when you are at work.  He can't get enough of you, and neither can I, so I can't blame him.  He loves when you pick him up and swing him around.  He feels so safe with you.

Oh my girl.

Julia mommy just loves you.

I love when you wake up from your nap and meet me down stairs and cuddle with me on the couch, and say, Mom, you're my best friend.

I'm so lucky to have a daughter to be able to share girl things with.

I love holding your hand and keeping you close.

I love that you ask me so many questions and that you want to hear my answers more than once.

I know you are teaching me so many more things than you will ever know.  God has grown me by being a mommy and you made me a mommy.  So thank you.

I'm so glad you were born Julia.  We prayed and prayed for you and I'm so glad you are a part of our family.

Oh, Bubba, Mommy adores those lips of yours!  Thanks for always giving me hugs and kisses and letting me be your best girl.  I love all the attention you give me and all the smiles you have for me.  You are my son, and there's nothing like having a son.  After having so many girls in our family it is so nice to see what having a boy is like.  You are so special to us Mark.  We adore you.  You are so sweet and tender and yet quite the ham!  I know at times you are shy but I see how your quiet ways are beginning to louden up!  I love it.

Best Friends Forever.

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