08 November 2011

What do you do all day?

I can still remember the day my friends came to visit me right after I had Julia..."What do you do all day?  Aren't you sooooo bored?"

Oh my word.

I have NEVER been bored after having children.  Not once.  And once you become a mom you know that your life is forever changed and that there is NEVER a dull moment.

Between doing the laundry, teaching the ABC's, making meals, singing songs, running errands, feeding the dog, making beds, zipping jackets, tying shoes, changing diapers, kissing daddy as he heads off to work, washing floors, washing hands, washing windows, raking leaves, paying bills, buying groceries, picking up dry cleaning, heading to gymnastics, learning verses for Awana...phew!  I'm NEVER bored and we are always busy!

Here is a typical day in the life as Mama Mac:

Wake up
Make coffee
Prep milk cups
Get cereal bowls ready
Greet Julia
Say good bye to John
Feed Paris
Let Paris Outside
Watch Dora with Julia while we eat breakfast
Wake up Mark
Feed/change Mark
Get kids dressed
Clean kitchen
Make Beds
Load of laundry
Circle Time
Errands for the day or Bible study/Story time/Gymnastics depending on day of the week
Back home for lunch
Change mark
Story time and Nap time
Clean up kitchen (again)
Prep Dinner
Feed Paris (again)
Let her outside
Blog/Prep for Bible study class
Prep "homework/craft" table
Kids wake up
More school
visit grandparents/go to park/play outside/Awana depending on the day
Home for dinner
change mark
clean kitchen, load dishwasher (again)
fold laundry
play time/ movie time/ books
Daddy's Home!!!
Dad eats dinner
Kids hang all over daddy
School with Daddy (Chinese lesson)
bath time
story time
brush teeth
prayer time
Kids off to bed
Mommy gets to sit down AFTER putting away laundry, getting coffeemaker ready for morning, making sure dad has lunch for tomorrow, and she has her cup of tea!

So, no I am never bored.  And yes, I am very happy!  And note to self: never ask a mom: what do you do all day...because she just might tell you!!!!


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