29 November 2011

Tricks up my Sleeve

I think my FAVORITE part of Christmas besides the being with your family, sharing and remembering the birth of Christ, and wishing for snow, is getting to surprise all the people you love with JUST the RIGHT gift.

I have lots of little tricks up my sleeve this year, and unexpected gifts and surprises for those that I love.

And for me watching someone open up just the right gift that makes them smile really big or shout out, well that just makes Christmas all the better!

It's the time of year where it's not about the money that counts, but it's all about the thought, and time and effort that goes into the gift...and so that means proper planning WAY ahead of time!  So for all of you out there procrastinating on your gift shopping...be creative and think about all the little hints your loved one has dropped...think about what brings them joy....and makes them smile...and start planning those "tricks up your sleeve!"

Because like I said it's all about the thought that counts and the smiles!!!







  1. I'm such a horrible gift giver. I end up passing out gift cards. everyone I buy for lives so far away!

  2. Oh Rebecca I love gift cards!!!!!!!! I think those you send them to will enjoy shopping for just the right gift!


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