04 November 2011

Cook Once Eat FOUR Times

On Monday evening I planned to have a ton of company since my in-laws are all off from work.  I invited my family and my in-laws over for dinner so they could see the kids dressed up and so we could all be together.

After food shopping and library time me and the kids headed home and I got to cooking!

I made a huge pot (actually a huge vat) of Chicken Cacciatore Stoup on the stove top.  It's a Rachel Ray recipe that John and I love.

I also made a Chicken and Sweet Potato soup in the crock pot.

And I made a 9" by 13" pan of baked ziti.  My mother in law was bringing the salad and Italian bread.

It was a lot of chopping and cooking but I did it all by 12:30 and also made lunch for the kids!  The best part of all was that I haven't had to cook dinner all week.  We had soup and stoup and baked ziti leftovers til Thursday!  Tonight I'm tacos (John's favorite).  Overall it was a yummy week and the extra time I had since I didn't have to cook dinner was spent with the kids...totally worth it!

Chicken Cacciatore in crock pot Post

Have a great weekend!  We are having our missionary friends over for a few nights and taking our Christmas photos outdoors this year at a park with a photographer...I'm so excited!


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  1. I love leftovers or even better, planned overs :-)
    Your week sounds delicious!



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