07 November 2011

Holmdel Park Photo Shoot

Okay so if you haven't noticed I love photos!  This year for our Christmas card photos we decided to do an outdoor photo shoot with a photographer my Christy suggested.

We chose a beautiful Fall day, brought the dog along, loaded up the car with juice, water, and snacks, and a couple of extra coats and hats, and went on our way.

The weather was perfect, the sun was out, the leaves were on the ground, and the farm was open for the kids to traipse around and see the animals.

We got pictures of the girls (me and my Julia).

Julia and I love the camera.  We say CHEESE the exact same way...we hold it til the picture is over!

Julia did her own photoshoot for Adrienne!  She posed, did some gymnastics moves, climbed fences, did dances, hung from trees!  She was awesome...and soon she will be 4..sniff sniff...

Julia I love you baby doll!

And we got pictures of the boys!  Are they handsome or what?  Mark reminds me of a Ralph Lauren model!

This family photo could not have come more perfect.  John is cracking up, Julia is actually looking straight ahead, Mark looks like Macauley Culkin in Home Alone, and I'm actually in a photo as opposed to taking them all.  Life is good, and our photographer Adrienne is amazing.  She has such a gift.

What a great Fall day memory!  Another great weekend for the record books!

God you are so good to us!


  1. Your pictures turned out SO great! I love that picture laying down, that one did turn out perfect!

  2. Such great pictures...and the "backdrop" was gorgeous!

  3. great pictures! Your hair is so long and pretty! What a lovely family. =)

  4. You are so right about Mark and the kid from Home Alone! I totally agree!

  5. Thank you guys! Adrienne Anne did an amazing job on our photos! I highly recommend her if you are in the New Jersey area! Especially for holiday or engagement/wedding photos...she has a great eye!

  6. Speechless... Just precious!


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