10 September 2012

BIG Potty News!!!


I am proud to announce that Mark is FULLY Potty Trained! I'm talking FULLY!  Before he was doing number one no problem for a few months, but everytime he had to go number two I had to put a diaper on him because for some reason he thought it would hurt on the potty.

But for the past week (his first time was last Saturday, Sept 1) he has been doing everything on the potty no problem.  I don't even have any more diapers in the house!  It all happened by accident actually.  Last Saturday he had underpants on and was in the playroom and realized he had to go, he yelled for me and said mom, I had an accident!  I ran to him to help him to the bathroom thinking he could do the rest of it on the potty and low and behold he did a NUMBER 2!  We were both shocked.  He had to get off the potty to see because he couldn't even believe it!  Sunday he asked for a diaper, but Monday and Tuesday I refused to put one on him...and he never went number 2, on Wednesday...he made up for not going on the potty and it was no turning back.

Now he is getting fancy and he closes the door.  Does everything by himself and washes his hands by himself!  It is so amazing how once they are ready there is no turning back.  I don't believe in pull ups and so at night and nap time I've been putting a towel down just in case, but he has woken up dry every day!

Soooo....On Friday John came home from work early, took the kids out for ice cream to reward Mark and he bought Mark two new super hero masks!

Way to go Marky!  We are so proud of you buddy!  And just in time so I can say I have two potty trained kids and a newborn!  Finally I will only have one in diapers at a time!  Yay!

Baby Mac I will gladly change your diapers.

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