17 September 2012

Homemade Pancakes

Our Family Traditions

Oh, I want so badly to make life wonderful for my family.  Not just with happy moments and memories but with special routines and traditions that they can always count on.  

I remember when we were little one of our weekend traditions was after church on Sunday Mom would buy a special dessert.  She wasn't a big baker but she sure did pick the best desserts.  My favorite was the Entemenn's crumb cake or coffee cake...mmmmm with hot tea....delicious!  

This morning, actually since yesterday I am 12 weeks pregnant!  And I FINALLY feel GOOD!  No more nausea at all.  I think our little one is finally on his/her way.  I am very happy to leave that first trimester behind, thank you very much!  

I woke up to Marky climbing into bed with me, with his widdle feet and widdle toes snuggling me and his soft cozy blue blanky, yes he still carries it around.  (I snuck it in the wash while everyone was at Taekwondo...good bye blanky germs).  It was 6:30 am and I was NOT getting up yet.  But I was hungry.  At 7am when Julia padded into our room, I knew it was time to get a game plan going.

Operation: Special Breakfast for Saturday Morning was on it's way. 

What is it about cooking from scratch and putting on a simple apron that just makes you feel like Queen Mama?  I let the kids stay in bed with daddy, as I ran downstairs to the basement office to print out a homemade recipe for PANCAKES.  Click here.

 I'm sure I've made them from scratch before but today they came out flaky and wonderful and beautifully golden brown, oh my goodness if I wasn't so busy scrambling eggs, and cutting up strawberries I would've taken a photo!

I set the table.  Took out the syrup.  Poured the orange juice and everyone started filing downstairs...you know they smelled the yummy goodness coming from the kitchen.

And then that's when I knew...this is going to be our family Saturday Tradition...Mommy will make a nice warm breakfast for all...no cereal and milk allowed!  

After breakfast everyone was shooed out of the kitchen to get ready for Taekwondo and I was able to get 2 loads of laundry in, cleaned all the windows, folded the laundry, changed all the bed sheets, brushed Julia's hair, fed the dog, emptied all the trash cans...it was a very productive Saturday! Sometimes all you need is Home Made Pancakes!


  1. enjoy reading your story. do take care :)

  2. We do the same thing :) This week was blueberry pancakes - I am still getting the hang of making gluten free pancakes, but this week they turned out pretty good! Glad you are feeling better now!


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