18 September 2012

So Excited for This Baby!

And she cried out with a loud voice and said, "Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!--Luke 1: 42

I love the exchange that Elizabeth and Mary share in the Bible when both reveal their pregnancies to each other.  Their was pure joy!  John the Baptist would lead the way before his very own cousin the Messiah would come...our Savior!

Part of me feels this same joy and wonder, and pure excitement of what is to come.  I've wanted another baby very soon after Mark was born, but we really had our hands full at the time with two kids under the age of two.  Then Mark turned 2 (in a blink) and I REALLY wanted another baby.  Julia was 3 1/2 and Mark was 2 and we were just on a roll with life.  Yes, life was busy but it didn't feel like I couldn't handle it.  Julia has always been helpful and independent and Mark has always been the mellow agreeable child...and I just loved them at these ages.

But...Daddy was NOT ready.  No sir ree.  Daddy was and will always be the finacial planner of the family and the great over seer of the college future...and he just didn't see us with another baby...YET.  So I did beg.  I prayed and finally I just gave it completely to God because I wasn't getting my way and I knew I needed to be content with my own little family of 4. 

But...I felt someone was missing.  In May of 2012, John's sister had just gotten married, Mark had just turned 3, and something in John's heart started to change.  I even said to him at one point, "You know you want more kids you are just afraid of providing, and that's God's job, we need to trust Him."  In John's mind, unless we are millionaires we can't afford more kids and that is simply not the case.  We both have control issues and John started saying..."I do want another one...Mark is getting so big, I don't like it."

And so a Fall/Winter conception was planned.  LOL.  As if you can plan that type of thing.  I told John, you know what..."God is going to just give you a baby because that's what he does, he doesn't wait for you to be "ready or for things to be perfect" he blesses you and then asks you to trust him."

And on July 27...we took a test and I was 5 weeks pregnant!

It is now Sept and I am 12 weeks pregnant and going strong.  Praying for a healthy baby and a smooth delivery.

10 Things I am Excited for Are:

1. Our Gender Reveal Party this Fall when we find out in Oct/Nov what the baby will be!
2. Buying some special things just for baby.
3. Meeting the Baby in March.
4. Watching John hold the baby for the first time.
5. Nursing the baby.
6. Counting all the fingers and toes and cuddling.
7. Dressing baby in their first newborn outfit.
8. Revealing the name.
9. Watching the extended family hold the baby.
10.****watching Juli and Mark become big sister and big brother right before my very eyes.

Tomorrow's Post: Dating My Spouse and Loving it


  1. This is precious, Kristi! I, too, want another baby (my son is only 4 months old - am I crazy?). We're concerned about when to have another baby for the financial reasons, but also because our son has some medical concerns. I love how you just totally gave the situation up to God, though. What a great reminder for me!


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