11 September 2012

MOPS: A New Year Begins...

Photobucket"Love as if your life depended on it" 1 Peter 4: 8-11

Another great years of Mothers of Preschoolers aka MOPS has begun!  I've been attending my Tuesday MOPS group that meets once a month since Julia was 10 months old.  My buddy Bianca told me about it and I love connecting with the other moms and learning how to be a great mom. Mops has helped me plan better, be more patient with my kids, be a better wife, and has allowed me to meet a whole group of moms I never might have known.

This year my job is Playdate Coordinator and Discussion Leader.  I'm excited for Julia and Mark to be in the same class.  Their group is called the Peppy Penguins: Age 3-5.  Our theme this year is PLUNGE.  And our theme verse is: Love as if your life depended on it found in 1 Peter 4.

This year I'm looking forward to plunging in deeper to some relationships and loving people as if my life depended on it.  After all look at how Christ loved and sacrificed for us!  He was ALL IN and He gave IT ALL.  I want to love like that!

My prayer is to love the moms in my group better, be a better listener, and take more time to invest in deep relationships and help bring them closer to Christ.

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  1. Parents meet up is a great way to share challenges and learn from other parents about how to be a great parents. Thanks for sharing this beautiful verse.

    p/s-your baby girl has a beautiful smile, she looks like you!



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