26 September 2012

Oh, Baby!

Every Morning I am greeted the same way by my daughter Julia, "Mom, is the baby ok? How's the baby? Is she gonna come out yet?"

Needless to say we are pretty excited over our pregnancy over here.

And my Mark, since everything is in super hero language these days, tells me, "Mom I want the baby to come out green and angry, just like the Hulk!"  "Oh, dear!" I say dramatically, as I tickle my little hero.

Some days he says, "Mom can it be a super hero baby, like Iron Man?"  "Of course!" I say, "You will teach your brother or sister all about the super heroes, ok?"

Both my kids talk to my belly throughout the day, and especially during book reading time, I guess because when I sit and they are near my lap they remember it is no longer just mommy there, but their baby brother or sister.  They say, "Hi baby." In such soft deep voices, and I know when they meet the baby the baby will recognize just who they are.

Hi Baby,

We are beyond excited for you!  Keep continuing to grow strong in there.  Can't wait to hear your heartbeat at the doctor's appointment on Wednesday night with Daddy.  Make us proud and beat loudly for us!  Can't wait to meet you.

Love, Mama


  1. So cute! Well, I dont know how cute a green hulk baby would be, but so cute that your little ones are so excited for the addition to your family :) Mark is going to be a great older brother!

  2. Stopping over to say hello from Veronica's blog. Your children are adorable. And how exciting to be welcoming another one!

  3. I missed your pregnancy announcement! Congratulations!!! How very exciting for your family :)

  4. You're such a beautiful person. You know that?


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