01 October 2012

Daddy's Home!

John stayed home Friday because he was sick.  He did all his meetings and calls from home while we had school, gymnastics, and a playdate.  After nap time we all made homemade pizzas together!

Me and the kids were going to do this anyway this particular Friday night.  But having daddy home after nap time, which is super early, and cooking and chopping and making pizza with us was really awesome.

Plus he rolls out the dough way better than me!

Mark and Julia always have bigger smiles around Daddy, especially Marky these days.

I was glad John was feeling better after resting all morning.  And to be honest the kids did an amazing job on their pizzas!

I put some flour on the kids faces because I said, "Every cook gets a little dirty in the kitchen!"  They liked that.  after we put on our sauce, mozzerella and cheese and some veggies.  We baked in the oven for about 20 min.  and Voila!

It was the best pizza I had ever tasted!  We are doing it again next Friday it was that good!

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