15 October 2012

The NEW Me

Simplifying and Changing things around here as we prepare to grow our family.

1. My number one priority right now and my main job 16 hours of the day (thank you Lord for the 8 hours of sleep I get each night) is to care for, teach, love, and show my children what is means to bring glory to God each day.  Since being a stay at home, home schooling mommy is so important to me right now, that means that all other things really need to be weighed and I need to decide what stays, what goes, and what needs to be changed.

2. Since my spouse (I love you babe) and my children mean the world to me, this means that I will NOT be able to blog everyday like I used to.  I'm getting in the habit now of not even feeling pressured about it because in just a few short months my newborn will be here (Yay!) and I know for a fact that my heart, hands, and feet will be way too busy to get around at sitting in front of the computer!  I'm only writing this down as proof that I am choosing to give up and sacrifice something I love for the sake of being a great mom and wife to my family.

3. Soon the amount of sports and outings we do will dwindle down.  Especially as Julia gets more involved with School.  Right now she is doing Gymnastics and Taekwondo but soon she will have to choose which one is the most important to her and the other sport will have to be put on the back burner for now.  Because Mommy is NOT a taxi, and if we still do Awana and Chinese School that is way too much time away from our home, plus Mark hasn't even picked his sport yet, poor guy!  So some things will have to give, and I'm so so so okay with that.  Less is more!  And I've come to love Mondays and Fridays when we are home most of the day and not pulled in 80 different directions!

4. I am not a slave to my phone or facebook.  I don't know why I ever felt this way but lots of time having a phone that gives you your facebook updates, and emails is NOT a good thing.  I am constantly drawn to this little object and the noises it makes and many times interrupted from cooking, cleaning, or teaching my kids during school time.  I now do not feel obligated to respond to facebook comments, or texts when I am in the middle of something.  Duh!  I know this is a no-brainer, but the Type A teacher in me wants to do all and answer to all and please everyone, all in that order, and I tend to forget what REALLY matters.  I will no longer let the tyranny of the urgent grab me away from my kids or spouse.  So if I haven't been on facebook in a few days, or haven't responded to a text, fear not, I still love you, but I am probably just trying to focus on the cute little people who NEED me right now, and you know what in just a few years, they won't need me as much and I don't want to miss this opportunity of being all I can be to them.

5. God has given me these past 5 years at home as a lesson of learning how to depend on Him and be a selfless Mom and Wife.  It is not easy at all.  Because I am selfish.  I am a sinner.  And I love to do what I want to do.  But God has really taught me that He is my all and all.  He continues to show me that I don't need "stuff" or "busyness" to fill any voids in my life.  I really do have it all because I have Him.  Plus He keeps pouring on the blessings, first a teaching career I completely loved, an amazingly perfect spouse to marry and cherish, and now beautiful children to adore and teach.  I'm excited for the next 5 years (Lord willing) at home with Baby Mac and the kids, and for all God has in store for us.


  1. Proprieties...and it looks like you've got yours in the correct place. God, family, everything else. I love that.


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