17 October 2012

My Amazing Daughter

Today's post will not shock you.  Come on, every parent thinks their child is amazing, right?  And I am no different.

My children walk into a room and smile and I'm impressed by their charm and beauty, I mean seriously, I can't help it.

But today, and most days, this daughter of mine, my Julia Star, continues to amaze and astound me, and inspire me, even to the point of wanting to blog only about HER today.

Julia, my 4 1/2 soon to be 5 years old (say it ain't so) first born is always, always, thinking of others.  She constantly asks about our neighbor Teresa who just had back surgery, "Mommy, how is Ms. Teresa, how's her back?"  Or when a close friend's father in law fell, she would ask, "How is his face healing mom, how is he?"  She reminds me to stop over and check on my neighbor or to text a friend, "How are you feeling?"  The prayer requests I share with her she does NOT forget.  I love that about her.

When we review for Awana, and have Bible time, we always, all three of us (Mark is a Cubbie now too) have a deep conversation afterwards.  Today we were on our way to Bible study when Julia goes: "Mommy when is Jesus coming back for us, I miss him!"  then she thought about that and said, "Mom, when Jesus comes back for us how will he get us, will we just fly up into the sky to be with him?"  A lot of the questions she asks we have already discussed but she likes to re ask them I think for assurance.  I told her no one knows when Jesus will return, it will be a surprise!  And yes, we will all be super heroes that day because we will meet the Lord in the air!  Mark really liked that answer.

This year as Julia turns 5 I have 5 prayer requests for her little life:

1. That she will grow in the Lord and use her gifts to bring glory to Him.
2. That she chooses godly friends who build her up in Christ.
3. That she does her best in school and at whatever sport she chooses.
4. That she continues to show love and kindness to ALL people.
5. That she shines, shines, shines for Him.

If you think of Julia today will you pray these things over her life with us?  We are so proud of her!  Love you Princess, my Pretty Girl!


  1. Oh Julia! you are a STAR! And you make Jesus so happy in the way you think of others and love Him! We love you, Beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous. My children wanted to know what would happen of they didnt like the clothes that Jesus gave them to wear...!! Found you through the blog Hop. Xx

  3. I love julia too!!! Praying for her!!!


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