23 October 2012

Hands-On Dad

I'm so thankful for my John.

I can't tell you how wonderful he is in a mere blog post, but I can brag about his dad skills for a few minutes.

John is one of the hardest workers I know.  Most days he works 12-15 hour days.

When he comes home his job is not over.  He walks in to two loud, adorable children climbing on him like a jungle gym.  "Daddy's home!" they yell.  As if they haven't seen him in weeks.

He brings them upstairs, changes out of his work clothes, and can be found in one of their bedrooms on the floor playing.

This pregnancy has been so tiring.  With homeschooling, housework, errands, Bible study, Awana, Chinese School and Sports, by the time dinner is done, I'm done.  And when John is home he makes my life so much easier.  Just playing with the kids is a load off.  And let's be honest by the time he's home, I'm chop liver.  They've seen me all day.  They've missed him all day.  All they want is eye contact and play time with daddy.  Julia tells him the things she learns.  Yesterday she told him all about the word: fragile and what it meant and gave him examples.
Mark put on his super hero clothes and wanted to battle daddy.  We also worked on our Family Mission statement...more on that later this week as we finalize our statement and continue to have family meetings and brainstorm.  Being a part of this family sure is fun.

Tonight is different.  John came home by 6:00 because he had meetings in Jersey all day, and we ate together and then he took them out to the store for an outing.  Hence, why I am able to blog.  See?  He thought to ask the kids and have a trip with them, of course they wanted to go, it was daddy time!  I got to clean the kitchen in peace and quiet, grab a salad, and watch the news.  I never get to watch the news!  It was awesome.

So here's to my fabulous, hands-on husband: YOU ROCK BABE!  Can you believe we will be married 10 years this August!!! I'm one lucky girl.


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