24 June 2013

Big Mac--18 lbs and Loving Life

How many 3-month-old children do you know that double their birth weight?  He was 9.2 at birth and is now 18lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which means he gained 2lbs this past month.

Obviously, Micah is advanced and brilliant and adorable!

He has the best thigh rolls, the best double chin, and the cutest two dimples you will ever see!

He can roll over, push up, and grab things now.

He listens carefully for mark and Julia and smiles really big when they come near and talk to him.

My good sleeper has been waking up every few hours at night to nurse yet again because he is having yet another growth spurt!

But I can't be angry because he goes right back to sleep and he is so soft and cuddly. I just love this guy to pieces and so does everyone who meats him.

So, we have a new nickname for Micah...

Big Mac :)


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  1. Oh I just love him!! And he reminds me so much of my little guy. He gained 5 lb in one month. ha ha! He just turned one and wears 24 month clothes. He's a big boy! I love these chubby little babies!


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