12 June 2013

Summer Time

I cannot tell  you how happy we are that School is Out and Play time is IN!

We have been going to play dates, had play dates at our house, visited parks, went strawberry picking, and even played in the pool with friends.

This week we are headed to Dorbrook Playground and Sprayground with our Mops friends and church friends.

Being the playdate coordinator has been awesome because I have the opportunity to plan some really fun trips all summer long.

Next month we will be cherry picking and in August we are going peach picking and apple picking.  You know what that means?  BAKING time!  I already made a strawberry shortcake after our strawberry picking outing and now we can plan for some Peach Cobbler and Apple pie...and mommy will have to research how to bake a cherry pie!

Being a stay at home mom who home schools also means that I am always on the look out for new curriculum ideas...this year we are going to try to add a science curriculum and history curriculum!  And in addition we just joined a home school coop at Lincroft which will be all day Friday for us...meaning we will have music, cooking, art, bible class, etc.  More on home school stuff in another post.

The day is sunny...we are off!


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