18 June 2013

Date Nights

I LOVE dating John.  He's just the best husband I could ever have or need.  One thing I really appreciate and love about our marriage is that it never gets old.  We always are looking for new ways to spend time together and share our life together.

On my birthday weekend my Mom took ALL three kids so that we could go see a movie.  I just didn't want to bring Micah to the theater and be "that mom" who has a crying disruptive baby in the movie theater.  And one can never predict when a newborn will sleep or get fussy.

So we gave mom a bottle of formula (he's never had formula before) and we basically said a BIG thank you and good luck!  And she texted me an hour later that he drank the bottle, took it like a champ, did a few burps and went fast asleep!  I was amazed.  I fully thought she would call us to come home (the movie theater was 5 minutes away).

But instead we got to see Iron Man 3...and it was awesome!

Then this past weekend, our church gave all the young couples a FREE babysitting night from 7-11 last Friday.  We had a young couple babysit Mark and Julia and we got to go to the Jersey Shore Outlets and then went out to dinner.  Thank you Vince and Jen!

The thing that I like the most on a date night is actually being able to talk to John and think and not have to be interrupted a million times.  We can actually start a sentence and actually finish it.  We even had time to enjoy Micah together without interruption.  Micah slept most of the date, which was fine, but during dinner he was wide awake and we got to hold him and talk about how great he is and how different he is from Julia and Mark.  This kid, besides being extremely chubby, talks so much.  Julia and Mark never cooed this much!  He is so smiley and so chatty and I really think he has thoughts and opinions already.

We got to just love on him one on one, it was such a great date.

I'm really a lucky lady.  And sometimes I get overwhelmed by how good God has been to us and I wonder why He loves us the way He does.  It makes me very humbled and grateful, and I definitely don't feel like I deserve it, but I know in His goodness that it is just the way God is.  He blesses us beyond what we could ever imagine.  Not because we deserve it but because he loves us so much.


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