06 June 2013

Short Accounts

Photo in Princeton by Erin Nicastro Photography
This morning I did my normal routine of eat breakfast, feed Micah, bathe Micah...put him down for nap while I shower.  The big kids know they are to play in the play room by the kitchen downstairs while I am upstairs showering.

After I was done dressing and putting my makeup on I began to pack their lunches for our trip today.  I saw two fruit roll up wrappers on the table.

Me: Who ate fruit roll ups?  (as if I didn't know)

Mark: I told you we should ASK mommy Julia!
Julia: We did mommy.
Mark: Mom I told Julia we should ask you, I don't want to hear you scream (ughhhh...do I yell that much?)
Me: Mark, I'm not going to scream but I am upset because you were supposed to at least ask.
Julia: It's all my fault mommy, I'm sorry.
Me: It's okay baby, I forgive you.

You know what?  I'm really really good at asking God for "stuff"...Dear God, help John pass his test.  Dear God, keep my children safe.  Dear God, keep John safe in New York.  Dear God, please heal Grandma Sue's body...etc.

But, I'm really really bad at keeping short accounts with God.  Dear God, I'm sorry I was so sarcastic with John today.  Dear God, I'm sorry I had a short fuse with the kids today.  Dear God, I'm sorry I'm so impatient right now.  Dear God, I'm sorry I always want to be in control.

Today, I am remembering to stop my laundry list of prayer requests and start remembering to have a relationship with my best friend.  A relationship not a religion.  People are always saying, "Kristi we know you are religious."  But religion will kill you!  It's about knowing how much you NEED God and not being afraid to come to Him with all your short comings, and KNOWING He still loves you.

Was I sad that my kids did something naughty? Sure...but do I love them any less? No way.

I'm thankful for my relationship with the Lord that constantly keeps growing.  That He doesn't give up on me.  God remains faithful when we are not faithful.  He keeps right on loving us and waiting for us.

Today, I am keeping short accounts with Him so He and I can be closer.  God you are so good.

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