19 June 2013

Julia's First Trophy

Well, our little Chinese linguist got her first trophy two Saturdays ago!  She graduated from her first year of Chinese School which she went to every Saturday morning for 3 hours!  And let me tell you...this little girl would come home very tired (brain work makes you so tired!).

I was so proud of how well she did this year.  She got an honorable mention as the Most Improved Student this year, and she got a trophy for 2nd place in the Speech Contest that was held in May.

I think Julia has made a name for herself at the Monmouth Chinese School.  Her teachers say she is very popular with all the kids.  I think that is because she is friendly and very outgoing and many of the other kids are a bit more shy and reserved.

She made two very close girlfriends in Chinese school this year, Olivia and Ava, both girls were adopted by Caucasian parents, and are extremely sweet (and very bright young ladies).  Olivia got a trophy too!

We are so proud of Julia this year.  Not only did she graduate from our home school but she continues to excel and thrive outside of the home.  All I can say is...You Go Girl!

God has gifted her with a great personality and a smart brain!  I love asking her, "Who made you so beautiful and so smart???"  And I'm so glad she knows who gets all the glory!  "Jesus!" she says proudly.


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