02 June 2013


If I could pick my 3 favorite months they would be August (my anniversary), September, the start of school, and June (my birthday month and the start of summer)!

June 1, was my birthday! Woot Woot!!! I love my birthday! I love starting off the month, I love the sunshine and warmth the month of June brings, and I love the winding down of school time and all the "extras" that the school year brings: BIBLE study fellowship, gymnastics, AWANA, MOPS, etc.

I'm so looking forward to strawberry picking, Julia's graduation, gymnastics recital, Julia's graduation from Chinese school, Fathers Day, Flag Day, and the lazy days of the summer.

I can't wait for picnics in the park, playing at the playground, pool play dates, swimming lessons, gymnastics camp, peach picking, gardening, blowing bubbles, and the ease of doing nothing so to speak.

I still plan on blogging during the week and you can expect the following topics in the next few weeks to come:

Zoo Adventure
Gymnastics recital
Julia's Kindergarten Graduation
My Birthday
Fathers Day
Red, white, and blue fun
House projects


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  1. Welcome summer! I too am looking forward to all that summer brings. My children and I all have summer birthdays too! Looking forward to your summer postings!


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