20 June 2013

Turning a Mommy Fail Day into a Mommy Rocks Day

Some days I just can tell it's going to be a mommy fail day.  It could be I wake up extra tired, or maybe I just didn't start off the day in God's Word like I should and I just don't do well.  I know I can be super hard on myself, but sometimes that is a good thing.

Anyway yesterday started off great, we got things done around the house we headed to the park to meet friends, but once we got there it just was a rough time.

Try watching 3 little people at a park as huge as Dorbrook and you will probably understand why.

By the time it turned 2:00 I couldn't wait to leave...and by now Julia and Mark were crying because they didn't want to leave.

But we had to hit up the potty one more time...on the way there I saw the ice cream truck. Great. (sarcastic tone) Perfect spot to drive kids crazy and bug their parents to buy over priced ice cream which we can get for free at home.

"Mom can we have an ice pop...pleassssssssssssse?" Julia asked

"Mom was I good today?" Mark asked with a longing look.

And you know what, I just said "Yup, right after we go potty."

And then I thought to myself...really, Kristi $2.50 per pop, not necessary, too expensive.  And then I thought, you know what...I just want to do one thing right today.  And after they got their pops the smiles were big.  They walked super slow to the car.  There was no whining.  There was no fighting.  There was no crying.

And I felt like, wow, all it took was $2.50 per pop.


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  1. Seriously! How true is that!!!!! I loved this post :D


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