09 September 2010

Fall Field Trips for Preschoolers

Yesterday I had a great time researching on the computer for some Fall Field Trips for Julia and Mark.

Tuesdays will be our "light" home school days, since soon I will be teaching Ladies Bible Study from 9:30-11:30, which is prime home school teaching time.  So, I decided to plan at least one to two field trips a month until Christmas.

I like to plan in advance because that's just me, but also because once you have a plan all you have to do is be flexible and re-vamp if the weather doesn't cooperate or someone gets sick.  But with no plan and spur of the moment issues can sometimes lead this mommy to lots of stress and heart burn!  So, a plan I must have.  (I'm still working on our monthly meal plan...will have to share one Saturday with you all)

I love the internet because it can be a great source of information at your finger tips, if used properly.  I went to yahoo and typed in Fall Field trips for Kids and another time I put in "for pre-schoolers" and another time I put in "ideas"
My little pumpkin last October at 21 months (now she is almost 3...yikes!)
        Our First Field Trip of the year will be to Terhune Orchards and we will be going next week!  It is located in Princeton and has a Read and Pick Program.  There is a 9:30 class and an 11 o'clock class and you just call in advance to reserve your spot.  On the Tuesday that I will be taking the kids we will be picking Fall Flowers!  You then listen to some children stories highlighting flowers and go on a hayride.  We will obviously eat lunch there (have a little picnic for three) and then we will head home!  I'm really excited!  Each child costs $7, but that includes the whole program and the flowers they pick!  I put all the information on my facebook page in case any of my mommy friends wanted to join us and a few just might do that!  A field trip is always more fun with friends.

       Our Second Field Trip place I'd love to go to in October for Apple and Pumpkin picking at is Battleview Orchards in Freehold.  This is super close to home and a great place for kids.  Picking hours are between 10-5pm so there is more flexibility with when we can go.  I would definitely make it around lunch time though because a park is near by and the kids can go on the playground and then eat lunch.  After apple picking we would definitely wash the apples, peel them, and make apple pies!  That would make Daddy VERY happy!  And don't you just love the smell of homemade Apple Pie in the oven?

Here are some more ideas for you stay at home moms who may have children in the Pre-School age group:  These are educational trips in which mom or dad could preface with expected behavior, rules on a field trip, story book that goes along with the theme of the visit, and then after the trip you could share a snack or meal and discuss the days learning experience and even end with a book on the theme for the day!

1. Aquariums
2. Museums
3. Historical Farms
4. Museum of Early Trades & Crafts
5. Public Library
6. Bakery
7. Police Dept.
8. Fire Station
9. Zoo (We love the Turtle Back Zoo)
10. Liberty Science Center (We are definitely taking a trip this Spring!)
11. Children's Theatre/State Theater (Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ)

 I love teaching my kids new things and I love school!  I can't wait for our first field trip next week!!!


  1. I'll have to do a search on field trips for preschoolers. You come up with the best field trips, Kristi!

  2. What a fantastic plan, Kristi! They are going to learn so much during these hands-on field trips. Often times even MORE than if you just taught them with worksheets! You are doing a splendid job! Keep teaching and loving those precious babies!


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