24 September 2010

Fall Fun...Great things ahead!

I am so thankful for Fall this year!  There are so many great opportunities to serve and minister to others and I'm getting really used to our Home School schedule with the kids, and enjoying teaching my little ones!  I didn't realize how much I would love being the first one to share all the Bible stories with Julia and Mark!  But it's so exciting to introduce them to new people in the Bible and reread stories I haven't read in awhile!  The message is clear, we humans are sinful, disobedient people who need a loving and gracious Savior!

*This Fall I am so glad to have started teaching and ministering to a wonderful group of ladies at my church!  There were 18 of us on Tuesday, and I know of more who plan to come and read The Confident Woman with us!

*Being on the Ladies Ministry Team I am also excited to help plan and coordinate our Secret Encourager program!  It will begin in October through January, and the revealing will be on Friday, Feb 4th!  This has always been one of my favorite ladies programs because you get to secretly encourage another woman at church, send her letters, gifts, etc, and then there is a big gathering revealing time when you find out who has been encouraging you and your person finds out who you are!  We ironed out all the details last night, and Gina and I get to match the people this year!!! I'm so excited!

*Our Women's Retreat to Harvey Cedars this year will be Oct 1-3rd (I'm only going Saturday and Sunday) which is in Long Beach Island!  We are having an awesome speaker this year and we are learning all about our Spiritual Gifts and how to use them!  We had to fill out this long test beforehand and we will be using the results on the retreat!  I love stuff like this!  There will be about 45 women from our church going!  Last night we put together the favors, and let me just say, they are quite yummy and cute!  I'm thankful for John watching the kids all day Saturday and part of Sunday so that I can go.  I'm rooming with my friend Marian!  She also has two kids, Brodee is 5 and Melanee is Julia's age, they are a week apart!  At the retreat we will be going to our classes, swimming, playing volleyball, and enjoying home cooked meals that someone else has cooked!  I'm looking forward to that weekend to just be alone with God and asking Him what He wants me to do with my gifts specifically this year!

*I'm thankful for such a great God and feel really blessed with my family of four.  God continues to provide and shower us with love.  I'm excited to see what He has in store for us this year!

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  1. Hi Kristi! :)
    Thanks so much for praying for baby Ewan! Isn't it amazing what GOD is doing for him! I just got word that everything is looking very well other than his lactic acid levels which measure how hard his heart is working...they're slightly elevated but all of his brain scans so far are coming back normal...so no brain damage! Praise GOD. It's so awesome to witness miracles! Praying he continues to heal the little guy!


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