10 September 2010

Prayers for Joseph

Here is a picture of Joseph (Cinzia's son, my best friend since 6th grade) and my son Mark.

Joseph is currently in the hospital due to a serious case of bacterial pneumonia.  He has a tube in his little body to drain his lungs.  It's been 10 day in the hospital now, and Cinzia and Joseph Sr. are really asking everyone for their prayers.

He's starting to regain his strength and has over 2 1/2 liters of fluid already drained out, but the doctors are being very cautious and keeping him in the hospital.

Please pray for Cinzia since she is a school teacher and hasn't had a great start to this school year because she has been at the hospital day in and day out.  Pray for her strength, she is emotionally and physically exhausted.  If you are a mom, I'm sure you can only imagine watching your child sick in the hospital... Cinz said this has been a nightmare.  I'm so concerned for all three of them.

Those of you who believe in the power of prayer, and that God can do miracles, please pray for Cinzia, Joseph, and JoJo.  I'm praying I can visit them tonight at the hospital and be some source of encouragement.


I just spent the last hour and a half in the hospital with my two favorite people!!! Cinzia and I got to hug, chat, and laugh together, and Jojo looked at pictures of Julia on my cell phone.  I was praising God that John got home at 7pm so I could see them!  I made a quick stop at McDonald's to get our little patient some fries and nuggets (his favorite) and I sped to the hospital!  I also got to spend time with Cinzia's mom Sue and Mikey her youngest brother.  It was awesome to see how connected their family is and I know Cinzia has appreciated all the support.

At first when I walked in Jojo was a little cranky and fussing, but after the nurses stopped poking at him and we got to talk and cheer him up it was a good visit.  Mikey has a way of making him smile and so does Nonna...oh, and the pictures of Julia (his love) helped too!

Today I realized that I just needed to be there with Cinz.  Sometimes even when you don't know what to do just sitting with the person and being there for them is all that matters.  Cinz was telling me some of the sad stories in the ICU...a one month old baby passed away this week, and a little boy choked on a hot dog and after being rushed to the hospital they fear he may be brain dead.  With such sadness all around it has been hard to celebrate Jojo's recovery.  Cinzia said she is trying to reach out to the other families, and I know her care and concern is welcomed.

I'm thankful today for a husband who came home early.  A best friend who is really strong, and was able to teach on Wednesday, and thank goodness was off today and tomorrow due to the Jewish holiday.  I'm praying that her principal will work with her so that she can leave early to get to Jojo if he is still in the hospital next week.  I'm thankful today for a little boy who is getting better each day and has a smile that would melt your heart.  He kept teasing the nurses and saying, "Go home."  Because they kept poking him and checking his vitals...and they teased him right back and said, "Jojo we want you to go home, sweetie!"  I'm thankful for nurses who have a sense of humor.  Ultimately God is in control and we are trusting Him for a speedy recovery!  We love you Chi Chi and JoJo!!!


  1. oh my goodness....i just saw this! i hope he is doing better. definitely praying!


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