13 September 2010

The funny side of parenthood

As I type it is Sunday afternoon...Julia is napping and Mark is playing with John's camera...and John is back at church to find out a new classroom for his Sunday school class (He had 36 people show and some had to leave due to lack of space/chairs...it was definitely the chocolate cupcakes...just kidding)

It was a busy weekend, with lots of hard and stressful moments, but plenty of funny ones too.  Life with two toddlers always has lots of extremely funny moments, so here is a look back over the past few months and days with our kids, moments that will keep us smiling for days to come.

*Today we took the kids to Le Peep after church for lunch and on the way home Julia announced she had to use the potty...we pulled over I opened up the trunk and sat her on her pink potty (I wish she would've told me in the restaurant) and then she tells me she has to poop!  Oh, no! Not on the pink potty, in the car, pee is one thing to clean up after...so John jumps out to my rescue and takes off his shoe and hands me his sock???? "Honey, what is that for?"  (I had no more wipes from church and Mark's 3 dirty diapers)  "A sock is can be used just in case!"  He replies.  Then Julia says, "no poopy, just pee!"  Thank heavens, would you want to use a sock???

*Julia annouced, after using the Dunkin Donuts rest room, to a cute pair of older women sitting at a table drinking coffee and eating muffins, "I did poop on the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  The two old ladies snickered and had a good laugh, while mommy gave Julia a "privacy talk" about how we don't share with others what we do in the bathroom and that it's private, not news!  Can I say, embarrassing?  I told John once we got in the car and he thought it was hysterical!

*In the car Julia sings a song to me that sounds like this, "Whatcha doin' mom, you drivin???" And she repeats it over and over and over, even John put it to a beat and sings it to her when he drives.

*Julia and Mark play off of each other now, so Julia may hop, and then she goes, "Marky, you do it." and mark tries to hop.  Julia may, go "AAAAHHH," while she throws her arms back to be silly, and she goes, "Marky you do it," and just like Simon Says, he does it exactly how she did it...it is hysterical.  I guess because you don't expect a 15 month old to understand so perfectly, but these two are peas in a pod!

*At my mom's house yesterday, Marky and I visited while Julia and daddy stayed home, and Mark was so excited to get to be the center of attention (usually Miss Julia takes that place since she talks so well) and so he really wanted to get my mom's attention to have some ice tea in his cup and a pretzel, and he did the biggest sign for "please" over and over on his tummy, my mom couldn't get over it.  He thought it was pretty funny too.

*During "Finding Nemo" Julia and I love the part when Marlin and Dory sing, "We did it, We did it, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, no eating here tonight, eating here tonight!"  We laugh and dance and sing around the whole basement!  Marky doesn't sing but he cracks up and dances with us.

Have a happy Monday my friends!  We are off to home school and then go to our Library craft class!


  1. I LOVE IT!!!!! Your stories had me laughing and even more convinced than ever that you and me are twims and husbands are exactly alike! If the four of us ever actually get together, what a time we will have! And our kids! Goodness, they will keep us in stitches!

  2. Loved the stories! Being a parent, kids can be so funny! Every child is different and makes your job worth all the hard work! Laughing is one of the benefits of being a parent! Thanks, Kristi! Jackie is 18 months and I will never look at corn the same way as long as I live! LOL!!!

    Kathy McCain


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