27 September 2010

Mark at 16 months

I'm extremely funny!
Watch out people, you are in store for one very cute boy!

My Mark is 16 months old today and he is doing SO many wonderful, "grown up" things now!

Mark can now say "football, cracker, hot and cookie!"  And he says FOOTBALL with two hands in the air making a field goal, it's quite cute.

My 2 year old daughter Julia is teaching Mark lots of baby sign words and she practices with him in the car and throughout the day...he signs, "Baby, ball, more, please, and mommy."

I don't need a pacifier anymore!
Mark began walking on July 1st, I stopped breastfeeding him soon after that, and sometime in August we gave up the pacifier too!  But Mark still has his trusty thumb.  We are walking and running now!  Julia and Mark line up at the wall, and Julia says, "Ready, set, go!"  And before she gets to go they both are off and running...they love to run and chase each other!

Mark can ride all of his cars and train at home now.

Mark is such a big boy and knows how to climb on his cars and train and use his feet to go all over the house and play on the deck outside.  He's quite the climber.  No longer does he sit with me on a blanket at the park, he is climbing just like Julia up the steps on the bridges and around the jungle gym and loves, loves, loves the slides.  He gets very upset if I try to take him off or help him...as if to say, "Mom I'm a big boy now!"

I'm hysterical

What we enjoy best about Marky boy is his comical sense of humor.  This kid will mimic any hand motion or sound and keep doing it until he gets a laugh.  He loves the attention and he loves being funny.  He reminds me of John in this respect because he's quite the comic.

I'm learning right alongside Julia
On our field trip to the Terhune Orchards in Princeton, Julia was allowed to hold scissors and we cut flowers together.  I was pushing Mark in the carriage, but not to be left out of our program as we walked along, he was picking his own flowers as we went (mostly grass and weeds, but he was very proud).  He amazes me all the time and lets me know, "Hey mom, I know how to do this too, I understand!"

My climber, my good eater, and my favorite boy
Marky you are my favorite son! (only moms with one son can say this, Lol)  You are growing so fast and so well, and I am super proud!  You continue to amaze us and put smiles on our faces and we enjoy your little personality.  We love you!

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