20 September 2010

So Proud

John and Stuart McCallister (speaker and apologist working for Ravi Zacharias)
This past Sunday my husband John (on the left) spoke in his Sunday School class and I finally got to sit in on it for a few moments.  Normally I teach K-5 Sunday School, but this week I didn't and it was awesome to be able to see my husband lead his class and show his passion for the Lord.

It's one of those things where you just can't help but to be proud.  I just watched him speak, answer questions, give information (the class is his favorite subject Apologetics, which is how to defend your faith...this is his specialty at seminary school).  And just seeing how much he has grown in the past 9 years is truly amazing!

God is so faithful and so good!  I was so proud of my John and I know he has great things in store for his class.  He already had to be moved to a larger room because the chapel room was too small to hold all the adults!  I thought maybe it was my baking (which I believe does help) but it is John's fire for the Lord that excites people and draws people in.  He already told his class that this is not one of those "sit and soak" type classes!  He told them that they will be putting into practice what they learn, and we will be not only praying for our "top ten" people in our life whom we want to see come to Christ, but we will be taking steps to talk to them about the Lord, if we haven't already done so, and we will be sharing with them why we love Jesus and why we chose to follow Him.

I only wish I could go to every class!  But I'm excited for John and so glad that he has had this opportunity to minister!  He's doing a great job, and I'm one proud wife over here!

I'm going to challenge you to create your own "Top Ten" list.  Make a list of ten people who come first to your mind and whom you want to see become a Christian.  Pray for them and begin to ask God for opportunities that you can minister to them, meet their physical needs (bringing over a meal if they are sick, writing an encouraging letter, spending time with them) and ultimately talk to them about their relationship with the Lord.  We can't live in fear about sharing our faith, and we can't be in a Christian bubble never venturing out into the "world", it is our job to share the "hope that is in us," and be able to "give an answer" to the questions that they may have about why we believe what we do.

I made my list...8 people so far!  And I'm already diligently working on my #1!!!

I'm so proud of you John!  You inspire me to tell others about my faith and be bold about it!

Who are you praying for?  Why do you love them so much? Jesus Conversation Update?  Do Something: Ministry!  (WWJD)  John made this acronym up...see I told you he is awesome!

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  1. Kristi, I love you! You are such a good wife and your pride for your husband is such a beautiful thing to see. What a great challenge! I'm already thinking...


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