23 September 2010

My best friend, my sister

Today my sister sara turns 24!

I just posted 24 reasons why I love her so much on her Facebook page, a lot of them are inside jokes and things only she would know and understand, and that's just how I like it.  Because between sisters there is a bond that goes deeper than friendship.  You find yourself looking in the mirror at times, you've experienced so much together and just for that you are bonded for life.  But when you have a sister you also have someone to share all of life's blessings with, someone who loves you no matter what you look like on the outside, hair brushed or a a mess, it doesn't matter, your sister has seen it all and she just loves you no matter what.

Thanksgiving 2009
 Sara and I have been close from the start.  I've always tried to be there for her and sometimes I even tried to "mother" her especially when I worried too much.  But we've always spoken honestly to each other and we have always felt similarly about things in our life.  We've always shared a love for fashion and shopping, and a hot cup of coffee, and we always enjoyed a good chick flick.  When we were younger we would go to see a movie every Christmas Day together.  Just the two of us.  I can remember watching lots of Julia Roberts movies with her and enjoying her company.  Sara is easy to love, and she is fun, and she is the easiest person to buy a gift for because she likes everything, and always makes you feel good about what you got her!

Happy Birthday, my Sara...I love you, love you, love you!

You! You! You!

I can't wait to spend Friday with you!

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  1. Happy birthday, Sara! Sisters are so special, Kristi!


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