02 September 2010

Letters to God

Yesterday I watched the movie, Letters to God.  Okay, so I'm a sap, I cried through most of the movie!

If you usually cry during movies, just bring the whole tissue box with you when you sit down to watch this one.  I really enjoyed it though!

It was even okay to have on while the kids were still up and about.  A real family friendly movie.

The little boy in the movie inspired me to talk more freely to God.  My prayers don't have to be structured or come out perfectly.  My prayers don't have to be repetitive.  My prayers don't have to be long or drawn out.  My prayers just have to be real, authentic, from the heart, and honest.  After all, God knows my thoughts, my wishes, my dreams, my hopes, my concerns, my life.  He just wants me to draw close to Him and have an open relationship with Him.

As a teen I used to journal my prayer talks to God.  I would tell Him all the ways I "messed up" asked Him all the hard questions, and shared with Him my hopes and requests for the future.  I miss those long journal entries.  I miss those long talks with God.

As a stay at home mom I've been "talking to God" throughout the day and having my devotional quiet time in the morning, but I think I may start journaling a bit more.  I know God will help me find the time to do it.  I also liked how the movie showed people struggling with their faith, because that is real.  Each day is a new journey and it isn't always easy.  I loved how the young boy was able to encourage and reach out to so many different age levels of people through his love for God and his letters to God.  His life impacted others because of his faith.

So if you have yet to rent the movie Letters to God, I'd recommend it!  Also, I rented it for only $1 using Redbox!!!

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  1. For my first ever time at the movies, Brian took me to see Letters to God. I'm just like you, cried through most of it, but it was awesome. Kids are usually the best for us to watch to see what a real relationship with the Lord can be like!


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