01 September 2010

Got Integrity? The Power of a Praying Wife

His Integrity: Chapter 14

"Better is the poor who walks in his integrity than one perverse in his ways, though he be rich."  Proverbs 28:6

Webster's Definition:

1. A firm adherence to a moral code: Incorruptibility
2. An unimpaired condition: Soundness
3. The quality or state of being complete or undivided: Completeness

What a wonderful character trait it is to be a person of integrity.  People are able to trust your word to be true (Honesty, and truth).   They can see that you adhere to a higher standard (God's standards).  People can believe that what you say is really what you believe to be true because you live it. (Actions speak louder than words).

When I think of John I think of a man of integrity.  He definitely stands firm on what he believes to be true about God.  And since he stands on Christ the Solid Rock, he is not easily moved or swayed by the world.  There is a soundness to him.  What you see is what you get.  He doesn't have bad motives or hidden agendas.  He doesn't have a divided heart like a lot of people do where they say one thing but they live a totally opposite way.

Proverbs 20: 7  "The righteous man walks in his integrity; his children are blessed after him."

I'm not saying John is perfect (pretty close, if you ask me, it's very annoying hahaha) but God has done a mighty work in his life and he is no longer the follower I met at 16 years old, eager to please his crowd of friends and adhering to his own standards.  Since he has come to know Jesus as Lord of his life the truth of the Bible has transformed him and the power of the Holy Spirit has allowed him to be a man of integrity.

This doesn't mean that Satan won't try to deceive him or snare him or try to make him make bad decisions.  So we all need to pray for our husbands, and pray that we can be women of integrity.  I think there is nothing more attractive (to unbelievers especially) in a person than one who is totally sold out to Jesus and finds their identity and true self in Him. There is only deception in the world, but God is a God of truth.  We can wholeheartedly trust God.

Let's pray that...

*God will make us people of integrity
*Our yes will be yes and our no will be no
*We will stand up for what is right
*We will not waver under the world's pressure
*Enable us to listen to wisdom and grow in God's way
*Help us to live by truth
*And help us to bear witness to the truth (And be bold!!!)

Stormie O'Martian says, "Integrity is not what you appear to be when all eyes are on you.  It's who you are when no one is looking (isn't that mighty convicting???).  It's a level of morality below which you never fall, no matter what's happening around you."

After re-reading this chapter I realized, I don't need to pray for John's integrity as much as my own!!! This was a very extremely convicting chapter!  So pray for me!  I'm praying that God continues to bless John and our family as he has been a man of integrity.

Love Dare this week:  Tell your spouse 7 things that you admire about them! (One thing for each day of the week :))

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  1. As always, a great post! You made me smile with your comment about his being almost perfect. You are just so sweetly adorable!


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