07 September 2010

Count Your Blessings...

Name them one by one...

Today I am SO thankful for SO many things.

I want to take a moment to thank God for all the people, and things He has put in my life, and of course I'm going to start with these two little people who keep me hopping and call me 'Mommy!'

1-I'm thankful for my Marky and Julia and all their silly antics.  Over the long weekend Mark learned to say "One More...which sounds like" One Mo.

2. I'm thankful for my husband's sense of humor because he is always making me belly laugh, smile, and snicker!  Of all the people in the world he has taught me not to take myself so seriously.  Thank heavens!

Only John would think of face paint at Medieval Times :)
3. I'm thankful for my Julia learning so much so fast and doing so well in school...can you believe my little pumpkin turns 3 in just 3 1/2 months!!!  She is talking so well and so clear.  Her sentence structure and communication is like that of a 5 year old...it's amazing.  We were at my parents last night and they just could not get over how well she speaks and shares what is on her little mind.  God has blessed us with a bright girl!

At the farm...she officially turned 2 1/2 on this day :)

4. All the great friends I have I will never be able to name them all, but if you are reading this then you know who you are.  I'm so thankful for all your love and support and fun that you bring to my life each day.  God, you are so good to me.

5. The clothes, food, and shelter that God constantly provides for us, fills our tummies with, and protects our lives with daily.  Thank you, Lord.

Tabitha and Julia at John Lees house.

6. My church family that keeps me busy and blessed on the weekends and encouraged throughout the week.  I'm so excited for teaching K-5 Sunday School again this Fall, and Teaching on Tuesdays for Ladies Bible study.  God, thank you for bringing new challenges and new people in my life to stretch me and mold me into the woman of God you want me to be! I'm also excited for John's new Fall Apologetic class he'll be teaching!!! He already has 30+ people signed up for his class!

7. All our McInerney Adventures that God allowed us to go on this Summer: Turtle Back Zoo, Holmdel Longstreet Farm, Allaire State Park, Cheesequake Park & Lake, Belmar Beach, Jenkinsions Boardwalk and Rides, Dorbrook Park, Long Beach Island...the list goes on and on, and the kids came back so excited (and exhausted) for all the new experiences and friends they made!

Holmdel Longstreet Farm with Daddy

8. I'm thankful for all the special memories we made with Grandma and Grandpa too!  I've never seen Mark so happy with Grandma, than at the Lake!
9. I'm soooooooooooooooooo thankful for our summer getaway to Cape May!  That was definitely a major highlight of my summer.  It was so nice to enjoy John alone and be on our own for a few days.  Thankful for the grandparents help too.

cape may with my love
10. I'm thankful for being able to blog daily and being able to share my thoughts, my feelings, my faith, and my family with all of you.  It is such a great outlet for me and it reminds me daily of all my blessings.


  1. I have to say that I love this post! I need to do this today because life has been really hard lately and I need to remember that God has a purpose and that He always loves us and cares about us! Thank you, Kristi! I love your blog! Keep it up because it always encourages me.

    Kathy McCain

  2. So thankful for you and your faithfulness as a friend and an encourager.


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