29 December 2010

Christmas Highlights

Christmas Eve and Mark adoring the fire place.
The first time our kids ever saw the fire place with fire...
The two cutest kids on the planet earth!  Love them.
Christmas Eve before going to church.
Bridget gets prettier every time we see her!  What a gem.
Joogie and Uncle Bill!
My happy boy with vivi!
The Weavers got john the fushigi ball and he was learning and playing with it ALL DAY!
Julia was very busy in her kitchen, just like mommy!
Aunt Vivi has a way with Marky, he kept laughing!
Our best friends violeta and adrian came over after the weavers and we had dinner together. 
Mark having egg nog on christmas eve
The Weavers Came over for lunch and gifts on the 19th...um who said they could grow up?
My Ladies Bible Study Group...I love them...I was taking the picture!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the expressions on Julia and Mark's faces with the fireplace! So cute! =)

  2. A wonderful Christmas season indeed!


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