06 December 2010

Mommy Movie Review: The Jungle Book

Here is another Walt Disney Classic: The Jungle Book.  This movie was always a favorite of mine because of the relationships with the characters and all the fun music.   Each song has such a fun beat that you just can seem to get it out of your head.  Mowgli is an orphan boy who is raised by a family of wolves.  Although you only see him as a new baby in a basket and then a little boy.  But at the very beginning of the movie a problem arises where Shere Khan a man-eating tiger is back in the jungle and the wolves are afraid if they don't send Mowgli back to the man-village Shere Khan will not only kill Mowgli but anyone who tries to defend him.  Bagheera (loyal panther friend) is the one appointed to take Mowgli back to the man village and along the way they meet Baloo, a free-spirited bear, Kaa a snake who is always hungry, and some elephants and monkeys.

Kristi's Positives:

* Bagheera is a loyal friend who just can't seem to let Mowgli go without protecting him and defending him to the very end.  Even if he risks his life he can't rest until he knows Mowgli is okay.

* Baloo learns a valuable lesson that when you love someone you have to stop thinking about yourself and what would make you happy and put the other person's safety and best interest first, even if that means saying goodbye.

* Mowgli learns that listening and obeying authority protects you from harm.

* Kaa the snake is always trying to deceive and trick the animals in the jungle so he can devour them and it is a great parallel to how our enemy, the d*vil works.  He too is always lurking about seeking to devour us and so we always need to be on guard.  A great lesson to show our children how sneaky and evil he is.

* King Louie the orangutan wants Mowgli to teach him how to make fire.  He sings a whole song "I want to be like you!"  Here is a lesson that teaches us to be content with how God made us and not desire what isn't meant for us.

* A little girl is drawing water out of the river to bring back to the man-village and Mowgli is captivated by her and ends up following her right into the village where he belongs.  Shows the attraction between a boy and a girl and how God has designed for humans to live with humans and animals to live with animals, the way things should be...

Kristi's Negatives:

* Couldn't find any!  If any of you have seen the movie and there was something you didn't like or agree with please feel free to post a comment.

Kristi's Rating: 10

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