02 December 2010

Interview with Julia

Two Year Old

A friend posted on her wall an interview she had with her two year old, so I decided to ask Julia the same questions and hear her responses.  First, I went to her room while she was listening to her story Madeline on CD and so she was sucking her thumb and wide awake.  I sat criss-crossed on her bed pretzel style and said, “Julia I have some questions for you.”  I had a clip board and some paper and a pen, and she must’ve thought this was a part of school because she got so excited to do “homework” she sat up, criss-crossed her legs like me and was bright eyed and beaming.  Seriously, she smiled the entire time.  It was like she was being interviewed by Barbara Walters.  She was so excited.  I tried not to coach any of her answers, so if they don’t make sense, remember she’s only 2!!! Oh, and each question before she answered she said, “UMMMMMMM…and then gave her answer, so I didn’t put the ummmm, but she did say it!

What is your name? “Julia!”
How old are you? “Two!”
When is your birthday? “December” (I was so proud)
Who is your mommy? “Mommy Kristi
What does mommy do? "Mommy writes with the pen" (yup, she’s rather literal, as I wrote down her answers with my pen)
Who is your daddy? "Daddy John" (she paused for a bit on this one, I think she forgot John’s first name)
What does daddy do? “He works with Uncle Tio!” (Uncle Tio is Ev, Debi’s husband, and they both work in the financial district in NYC)
Who is your brother? "Marky’s one"  (she wanted to add more to that question)
Who are your friends? (long pause…I had to repeat this one) “Brody, Capri, Brenna”
What is your favorite color? "Blue!" (this answer shocked me, I think she just said the first color that came to her mind)
What is your favorite food to eat? (she whispered this one, it was so cute) “cake”
What is your favorite song? "Cat in the Hat" (I have no idea what she meant by this, but we do have Cat in the Hat story on CD)
What is your favorite movie? "Madeline" (We just bought this the other day at Target)
What is your favorite book? "Barney’s Soup" (It’s an alphabet book with a different food for each letter and it’s super silly)
What is your favorite animal? "A pig" (Charlotte’s Web is what we were watching tonight)
What is your favorite ice cream flavor? “Pink!” (haha, she likes strawberry like me) “And Marky likes white” (He loves vanilla…how did she know that???)
What are your favorite toys to play with? Red toys (no idea)
Where is your favorite place to eat? Cereal (no idea)
Who is your favorite person? Purple (ok, we definitely lost our focus)
Who is your best friend? Brenna!!! (As she shouted this answer she fell off the bed and cried for about 2 minutes…oh my poor girl! I tried to get the booboo bunny in the freezer but she wanted to do more questions)
Where did your brother come from? “Marky plays with my friends and I jump!” (so cute)
What is your favorite thing to do? “Wear my boots”  (She’s a fashion girl like mommy)
What do you want to be when you grow up? “Go potty” (apparently going potty is what people do when the grow up)
Where will you live when you grow up?(I knew she was going to say this answer) “At Grandma Donna’s house!”
What do Mommy and Daddy do after you go to bed? " (very matter of factly) “Go to sleep!”

Well, that is my little girl…growing up so big and so smart!  I love her! And at the end of this month…she turns 3!!!


  1. I absolutely loved this! Would you mind if I borrowed your idea and did this with Addie?

  2. That is too cute, Kristi!! Love it!

  3. I love Q&A with kiddies! I've made it a tradition to ask my kids who they want to marry at the age of 3 when they grow up. Nina's answer was "Daddy!" (of course). Maya's answer was "Mommy!". Marcus' answer was "Maya!" <3

  4. So incredibly ADORABLE!!! haha! I love it!!


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