15 December 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife Chapter 29: His Faith

Wow!  I can not believe we are almost done with our Power of a Praying Wife series!  It went by quickly...one more week to go.

Thank you to all of my faithful readers!

I can't wait to start our next book study together...after Christmas and New Year's of course!

Every day is a walk of faith on some level...faith in the doctors we go to, faith in the restaurants we eat at, faith in the schools we send our children to, faith in the insurance companies we belong to, faith in our gov't., etc.

Everyone believes in something.  And faith is a choice.  We all choose what we are going to believe in.  You can choose to believe in yourself, the gov't, science, evil, hard work, or God.  We can't live without faith.  Stormie says, " Faith is something we can't die without, either."  Whatever you choose to believe in while you are here on this earth in this life will determine what happens to us when we die.

When I took Evangelism Explosion as a teen I learned two very important questions to ask people when sharing my faith, and that is: If you were to die tonight are you certain that you would go to heaven?  If you were to die tonight and you were to stand before God and He were to ask you, "Why should I let you into heaven?" What would you say?  (I asked these questions to John when we were friends and of course his answer was "I think so, because I'm a good person")  I don't know about you, but I want to know for sure that I spend forever with God when I die.

And I know there is nothing good enough I can do to get to heaven.  Yes, I pay my taxes, I'm a good citizen, I take care of my children, I'm faithful to my husband, and I go to church, but that still does not make me good enough.  I can never be holy as God is holy.  I can never meet his standard of perfection.  There has only been one Man who has been able to live a perfect life and that is Christ.  He is and was fully God and yet fully man.  He came to die on the cross for all the things I've done wrong so that I can have a relationship with God.  He was the bridge I needed to get to God.  So now when God sees me, He sees the price Christ paid for my life.  The life I lead now isn't perfect, but God doesn't hold me in condemnation anymore.  He doesn't hold my faults against me because when I asked him to forgive me for all the things I have done wrong He separates those sins as far as the east is from the west!

The life I lead now is an offering back to Him for all He has done for me.  With his help I can honor him with my life.  My faith helps determine my outcome.  My faith in Christ and what He did for me is what allows me to believe in Him and to obey Him, even when I don't understand why He does what He does.

Do you ever have times of doubt?  We all do.  Those are the times to pray!  Ask God for that extra measure of faith to get you through the day!  And He will give it to you.

Let's pray that:

* God will feed our soul with His word so that our faith will grow
* Help us to believe that all things are possible with God
* Make our faith a shield of protection

Love Dare:

* Ask your husband if there are any doubts, worries, or concerns he may have that you can pray for!

Matthew 17:20 If you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, "Move from here to there," and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you.

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