01 December 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife Chapter 27: Obedience

Obedience is a word that is used very frequently in this house.  While raising toddlers, teaching them to obey is key to them growing up in a safe environment with clear boundaries and clear authority figures.  They know how much we love them, but sometimes their will or their curiosity or their pure selfishness leads them to disobey.  Whether it be disobeying by not sharing, disobeying by not following directions, or disobeying a rule that we have clearly set and stated.

It is the same way with God.  We know He loves us.  We see evidence of that all around us.  He provides for us.  He is faithful to us.  And He is constantly surprising us with "little gifts" and "extras" just to encourage and bless us.  However, what do we do?  We disobey.  He is our authority.  He has clearly stated the boundaries and His law, and yet because of our will, because of our "curiosity" and because of our plain sin-nature and selfishness we choose to disobey Him.  It can be by our words, our attitudes, and our actions.  Whatever it is that doesn't meet His standard is disobedience.

Sometimes we know exactly when we are doing wrong, and other times we have to wait til someone confronts us or we hear the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit telling us, "No, my beloved, I want so much more for you, that is not the way to talk, act, or behave."   So, the power of prayer can once again be our force and strength as we just come before God and ask Him to give us the strength, and the will to want to obey Him.  It is not always easy.  It's easier to gossip, have a bad attitude, and do what is comfortable and what the world says is okay.  It is much more difficult to follow and do what God calls us to do.  Let's pray for our spouses this week that they too, may hear the voice of God and be obedient to what He wants us to do and be like.

Let's pray that-
* We can sense when we have done wrong
* We can find the strength during temptation to flee
* Go to God before we speak or act out in anger, hurt or frustration
* We have the desire to have more of God in our life
* We can live in obedience to God

Love Dare-
Cook your husband his favorite meal or dessert this week! Or find a really fun stocking stuffer for him!

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