30 December 2010


He always says, cheese for me when we take pics!
Mark is now 19 months old and we are seeing so many changes in our big boy.

Change #1 He says "OK!" When he wants to agree with you!

Change # 2 He can call out for "Grandpa!" (Christmas Morning my dad's heart melted)

Change #3 Yesterday (Dec 29) He said "Grandma!" When my mom came over, as clear as a bell!

Change #4 He can climb up and down the steps no problem, been doing this for awhile, but now he likes to try to go forward by stepping down, and because his legs aren't as long as Julia's at this age, we are afraid he will fall, so we have to constantly remind him to go down on his legs or his bottom the way we taught him.

Change #5 He goes in the nursery and stays without any crying!!!

Change #6 He loves to give every one a fist pump (it is the cool way of giving a high five or a pound, the kids at church taught him).  He goes over to you and holds out his fist and says, "Pump!"  It's adorable.  He makes friends everywhere, the grocery store, the post office, the library, he's quite the mayor.  If he really likes you he just walks right over and gives you a big toothy smile and waves.

Change #7 This little boy loves cars and trucks and trains.  He's always saying "Car!"  Thank goodness he got lots of boy toys with wheels this Christmas.
No one taught him how to slam dunk...he's awesome

Change #8 He loves going into his new and improved room.  He's had his own room since birth and has been sleeping in his crib since the beginning, but my scrapbook desk and table and chair were taking up so much floor space the kids always played in Julia's room.  But now Mark has a spacious room with his own basketball hoop, all his cars, his little zhu zhu pets track and stuffed animals.  He crawls up the stairs to his room and can be found on the floor playing or reading a book.

Change #9 Mark is very aware of the potty.  He has been asking to go on the potty like Julia for a month now...but I"M not ready to do this just yet...but he tells us when he has done number 1 or 2 in his diaper and wants to be changed pronto...another sign (SIGH) I guess I have to break out the blue and white potty we have in the garage for him and start watching Elmo's potty video...

Change #10 Mark has had to go in time out occasionally (usually for being rough with my Julia) and because of watching Julia be disciplined he is very obedient and just sits tight.  He can't say "I'm sorry" yet but he hugs you and now calls out Mommy when its time to get up. 

Best friends

 Change #11 He copies everything Julia does, EVERYTHING, he wants to be big like her and thinks she is the bestest!  He loves her very much.  You can just tell.

Daddy's twin
 Change #12 He looks more and more like his daddy.  We call him John's little action figure!

Trixie Uncle Mike's dog looks JUST LIKE our dog Paris.

Change #13  Mark loves our dog Paris and is very sweet to her.  He likes animals that are calm and just chill. I can't wait to take him back to the zoo for his birthday again...I know he will appreciate it more each time we go.

Aunt Violeta helping mark with cheerios

Change # 14 Mark goes to more people now and is allowing others to play with him and pick him up.

He loves his blanket.
 Change #15 My boy loves his blanky, we call him Linus from Charlie Brown.

curious boy

Change #16 Mark has become so curious lately.  He crawls in tight places, stares at things, points, and then tries to communicate about his findings.  I love how he explores the world around him.  I get a chance to see the world the way he does.

Change #17 Sense of humor...oh my, major improvements have been made in this area.  He is just so silly now, and loves to get a laugh out of you, and my is he ticklish.  We have so much fun chasing him around the house and "biting his hiney" which just means, "Mommy is gonna get you!"  Julia loves it too.  She says "mom, can you bite that boy's hiney!"  And right away he laughs and starts to run.

Change #18 Our bedtime ritual has changed because we put the kids to bed separately sometimes and later than normal.  Bedtime is usually between 8 and 8:30 for Julia, and Mark is so tired by 7:30 or 8.  He will just crawl into my lap and tell me "Nigh Nigh" or he'll start singing "Jeez-us  Jeez-us" for our bedtime lullaby of Jesus loves me.  He loves to sit in my lap and read books now and then he just walks into his room and puts his arms up to go in his crib.  And he loves brushing his teeth!

Mark and Julia love to give each other hugs.
Change #19 Overall, Mark has come out of his shell.  He still clings to momma at times, but usually he is up and about entertaining everyone with his antics like Julia does.  He sings, He dances, He climbs on tops of tables to get all of our attention.  I just love this new Marky!

Marky I love you baby boy!

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  1. Oh, my! You are a big boy! You are growing so beautifully! We love you, Marky Boy!


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